About Us

About Us

Desejo has one purpose. To search the world for pieces of uncompromising and unique beauty. Select furnishings and fittings with an innate quality that evoke desire. Products of extraordinary imagination and craft, created to last by master designers and craftsmen. From couches and tables, to door furniture, lighting and mirrors. Each with its own unique story, that in turn combines to tell the story of your tastes. A window into who you really are. In a home retreat, fine hotel, museum or gallery, bespoke workplace or perhaps on your yacht, Desejo lets you reveal yourself. Tell your story with Desejo.

We seek to inspire imagination and curiosity. And to liberate from the obvious, overused and confining.

We search out pieces with clean, bold lines and a natural elegance.

Our goal is to enable you to make an intimate revelation. To express your own daring originality.

be inspired

Sit back and relax and browse through our catalogues filled with Modern luxury furniture and beautifully designed fittings.

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