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PullCast was born digging deep into the wonders of nature by a jeweller and a designer, which adore collecting objects from outdoor experiences.

Crossing the worlds of jewellery and design led to a path of exploring new aesthetic design approaches with architectural and artistic strong influences. Expect to find diverse ranges of styles on collectable sculptural hardware, wide spreading a sense of rarity and legacy, grounded by ancient forms of craft.

As artists, they are dedicated to crafts and surrounded with craftsmen with great expertise, passionate about their art and your art. A true atelier, in search of the most high-quality materials and processes to translate exquisiteness and exceptionality to their jewellery.

Effortlessly they craft handmade customization, treasuring the creation of a bond with customers. Handcrafted in Portugal and sold worldwide, they actively combine the use of noble materials with artisanal skills and techniques, favouring distinction.

Luxxu provides a harmonious synthesis between innovation and tradition, the rare handwork techniques of the craftsman and contemporary creativity. Daring designs in lighting and furniture are symphonies created not only with one key object. Ambiences are an everlasting aesthetic language shared by every element.


Loomiosa’s ambition is to design and manufacture lighting fixtures with a distinctive, organic but still clear shape to create a truly unique atmosphere to any interior. They intend to create remarkable products that catch the eye immediately thanks to their individual design along with the alluring quality materials applied.

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